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Today's Power Quote

Consider yourself dead that
you have completed your
life up to the present time;
then start living as though
your life has been gifted to
you again.

- Ruskin Bond

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Whenever I visit a bookstore, I don't like to come out with empty hands.  I filter out my choicest books and  gauge their worth carefully for my personal library.

Poetry is of my recent passion.  When I read Rabindranath Tagore's Gitanjali, I reboot my whole perspective on  poetry.  The power of Gitanjali is such that I wrote a book review on it ( you can read that book review here ).

The Gitanjali also triggered me to write my own poem.  You can read that here.  Then the  journey to read great poetry started.  I read Rumi's poems (translations) and Ghalib's poems which are so inspring.  Recently, when I visited a bookshop on one sultry afternoon, I was literally fed up for my inability to choose a good book.   At last, I find the above book of Ruskin Bond published  Rupa & Co  for a mere Rs.50/-

Ruskin Bond's poetry or you can call light verse instantly make a bond with your inner self.  The magic is his idea is neatly woven into a simple stanza which inspires you.  It is truly a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings as Wordsworth rightly defined the poetry.

The 54 poems in this little volume were written by Ruskin in 2004 and you can read it in one  single sitting. 

Here is the sample :

Build castles in the air
But first, give them foundations.
Hold fast to all your dreams,
Make perfect your creations.

The beauty of these poems is such that it is not simply  reading for once.  You should come again and again to savour not only it's idea but its meter as well.  

This simple and elegant poetry must be  read  by all age-groups ! 

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  1. I'm a fan of Mr Bond, but never knew that he wrote poetry as well! I'm sure to look for it. Thanks! :)