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Today's Power Quote

Consider yourself dead that
you have completed your
life up to the present time;
then start living as though
your life has been gifted to
you again.

- Ruskin Bond

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Thursday, September 24, 2015


Last week, I saw in my local T.V (Telugu) about the inauguration of this great book in Hyderabad and the title of the book immediately pushed me to order it online. Now the book is in my hands and I have to savour its contents.

Dr. Kalam is a great persona with down to earth approach. His books are always like hot peanuts. This Missile Man’s words deeply touch anybody.

Dr Kalam’s encounters with spiritual gurus is not new. When he was deeply upset for not being selected as a fighter pilot in Air Force, it was Swami Sivananda who encouraged him not to let down and achieve something other in life. We all know how he climbed the ladder of success, step-by-step with patriotic fervour.

This book delves deep into Dr. Kalam’s spiritual encounters with one Pramukh Swamiji, the fifth spiritual successor of Bhagwan Swaminarayan. I have yet to open the pages for reading.

Before, I start reading, I felt that I should not waste time in postponing my review till I read fully, as a cursory glance of book has shown sufficient indication of greatness of the book.

There is no dreamer like Kalam. Age has not affected his enthusiasm. His punishing schedules to meet children, students at Universities, colleges, academic institutions indicate that he has a Nation’s Agenda on his back and wanted to see India as a developed nation. But the sad part is, he left his mortal body much before seeing his dream year 2020.

The book has all necessary ingredients to inspire, ignite the readers to achieve something not only for themselves but contribute to their country’s over all growth.

In one line, it is a must read book by all, especially dreamers !

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